About Us

After the completion of the construction project and designing and installing of the assembly lines in a space of 5.000 square meters situated in Chenaran Industrial Zone (located in Khorasan Razavi), Binasan Yekodo Industries Co. officially began to manufacture air springs in 2010. Preparing high quality products, meeting consumers’ demands and creating job opportunities have been among the most salient aims of this company since the beginning. In order to achieve this aim, making use of the latest findings in science, highly skilled engineers, and ultimately reaching a decent technology in this industry have brought us to manufacture high quality air springs in such a way that our products can very closely compete with prominent international brands. It is worth noting that the activities just mentioned have created job opportunities for 35 local residents. All of our products are currently being manufactured under the brand of AEROPART and are offered to with 1-year guarantee (calculated from the production date). Possessing a combination of modern equipment in production line, utilizing accurate quality check systems in all of the production stages from the very beginning to the end and the supervision of technical and scientific personnel, Binasan Air Springs are completely committed to guarantee the quality of its unrivaled products suiting the demands of customers both within and beyond Iran’s borders.